Friday, February 16, 2007

Hit and Run Drivers: The Lowest of the Low

My biggest rant has to do with the real terrorism out there: on America's roads. There are a lot of crazy and terrifying things going on out there, every minute of every day. This rant covers a lot of mini-rants, to which I'll post in the coming weeks and months.

For now, however, I want to share a story I read in my local paper this morning (Newsday, Long Island). It's about how this 18 yo moron and his equally moronic 18 yo girlfriend 'murdered' a 19 yo female student with mom and dad's $35K Nissan Armada (what the hell is an 18 yo doing driving around in a thirty-five thousand dollar tank, anyway!). The incident occured at the University of Connecticut on January 19th and the bastards were just caught yesterday, February the 15th.

It seems the kids were leaving a party at which, ugh, ALCOHOL was served (and consumed by the 18 year old driver of the Armada, et al). According to affadavits given, after leaving the party, one of the driver's friends dozing in the back seat "heard a loud smack and the car was jolted as if it was going through a speed bump." After some choice words by the driver, the girlfriend told him to "Go, just go..."

So the bastards went home and crashed, leaving the poor victim to lay in the street with massive trauma (she died two days later!). Leaving the scene was bad enough, but the tots let their secret carry on as news about the death and subsequent search began to arise. Allegations exist based on the affadavits that the boy driver's parents drove their Mercedes up to his college in upstate NY and drove the tank back down to Long Island to rid the vehicle of any incriminating damage.

Now again, these are allegations and not proven, but if this is all true, the boy, the girlfriend, and the parents should all be locked up for life. Their indifference and selfishness in this case deserves the ultimate sentence. I think hit and run drivers are the lowest of the low. I'll bet that nine times out of ten, they 'run' because they were under some kind of influence and are too selfish to take responsibility for the horror they created.

The full story can be seen at Newsday's website:,0,3644865.story?coll=ny-top-headlines

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