Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Quick Fix Rebate Joke

The economy seems is in a shambles. The housing market is faltering badly, financial markets are falling, and the price of consumer goods has risen drastically. And what have our leaders, in a 'bi-partisan' manner, proposed to fix it? A tax rebate. That's right, our President seems to think that giving us a check (anywhere from $300 to $800 for an individual, double that for a family) will miraculously pull us away from the impending recession that we all already feel. It's a joke that I don't see as being funny.

Politicians like those who serve us presently have become so out of touch with the pulse of America. They think in simple, traditionalistic terms. They wish to appear like the great old uncle or grandpa, throwing his change at us when we were kids. This action of handing out a paltry sum of money will elevate their status in the public eye. They still believe we're the largely apathetic populace we've been for the past seven years. But, hope has come. There's a light at the end of the tunnel. Most of us have finally caught on to these shenanigans and won't be fooled by this disengenuous gesture.

Since Bush became President, money has been no object. The recession of 2001 brought us all a $300 rebate. Defense spending skyrocketed, even before September 11th. We've wasted billions and billions of dollars on wasteful endeavors, such as the war in Iraq (www.nationalpriorities,org/costofwar_home )and record pork barrel spending that's plagued Congress for the past decade or so.

In the meantime, millions of Americans live in poverty and millions more struggle from paycheck to paycheck, week to week. Our children are being left behind, doomed to failure as school districts are forced to follow mandates without the requisite funding. Our infrastructure is in serious need of repair. New Orleans has become a symbol of the disgraceful manner in which we take care of our own.

$275 million a day is spent on the war in Iraq (see National There are much better uses for our collective money. 301 million people live in the United States. That's not even a day and a half of war. Imagine the boost to the economy if every citizen received a million dollar rebate. That would surely be a remedy for the economic state we're in. Yet, we continue to spend all of this money over there when we need it so badly over here.

Mr. President, you can keep your $300. It wouldn't even last me a day with my bills. Just do me a favor...stay out of it!

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